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Sometimes I have a client who has a firm idea of what they want. This is always great. It helps with decision making and we can decide what we want and how to get there quickly. What’s important though is to keep an open mind. A case in point recently was a client who makes stunning tweed jackets. She received a piece back from her tailor and wanted it to be on her website in haste to reach the Christmas listings. The copy date was coming up fast. She called me and asked if I could photograph it quickly. In fact I was pretty busy that week, but found a few hours when I could set up the shoot.

Sometimes I have a client who has a firm idea of what they want.  This is always great.  What's important though is to keep an open mind.
setting up the flat lay

setting up the shoot

The shoot had to be remote as neither of us had a window to get to the other. The jacket arrived in the post the next day. I set up my studio and worked on a flat lay as she had requested.

shots from the computer

With all my shoots, and most importantly with product shots, I work with a special colour corrector so that the images are the exact colour of the original. Everything was set up, the colour looking great and I arranged the jacket in what I thought was a good flat lay. This takes a good hour. I took some test shots, called my client and we started the remote session.

It wasn’t long before it became clear that the way the jacket way lying, wasn’t doing it justice. However many times it was tweaked a little here and a little there, the jacket had a mind of its own and would not lie as we wanted it to. What were we to do? Time was against us.

We called it a night and decided to reconvene in the morning. During that time, I had a thought. I contacted a colleague with a dress shop and asked her if I could borrow a mannequin. By 10.30am the next day, I had reset up the shoot with a mannequin and very soon we secured the shot.

the final hurdle

The image was sent to the client and within 24 hours it was on her site. This was great and even better, the shot was ready for her Christmas catalogue deadlines.

At no point did my client want to revert to an iPhone shot. She knew rightly it was worth persevering with a good professional shot, no matter what obstacles we faced.

shots with the mannequin

Although the shoot was more complicated than expected, my client had the shot she needed to showcase her stunning jacket and I felt pleased that we had achieved our goal.

It was a win win.

It’s always worth spending time to make your brand look good. Just think how long it takes you to come up with the idea of your brand and bringing that idea into reality. Why skimp on the final, and actually most important aspect, good photography to make it stand out?

I am grateful to my client for trusting in me to come up with a great shot. Soon we will have a shoot in person when I will take her portrait and some wonderful shots of her studio.

Can’t wait!

With special thanks to Vonny at Maquien for the business.

The Charlotte Jacket


  1. Vonny

    Such professionalism a great job thank you so much Nicola. Thrilled with colour replication and attention to detail too.

    • Nicola Kay

      Thank you so much Vonny. It was a pleasure to work with you x


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