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The High Sheriff of Lancashire

and her national collection of Pemberton Roses.

Catherine Penny was High Sheriff of Lancashire in 2020. Mrs Penny invited me to take her portrait for the Town Hall which hangs amongst all the other High Sheriffs of Lancashire.

In the image above, Mrs Penny is seen holding a Lancashire Rose, the traditional rose of Lancashire. Mrs Penny set up her own nursery which specialised in Old Fashioned Roses. Gallica Officinalis, is The Red Rose of Lancaster and is grown in the her garden of her beautiful home.
In fact, Mrs Penny’s collection of roses doesn’t stop at the Red Rose of Lancaster. She is the National Plant Heritage conservatoire of Pemberton Roses which she houses in her gardens and her home in Lancashire

Mrs Penny kindly invites visitors on a few occasions a year to view her extensive and stunning collection, the proceeds of which, go to local charities. She sells her own propagated roses on these special days. Below is a small selection of the roses I had the privilege of photographing.


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